Rifle Paper Co.

Sugar Paper Los Angeles

Like everyone else I made the switch from paper to a smart phone. I traded in my big bulky red planner that held my calendar, address book and even my little calculator for the latest and greatest gadget at the time. Now with that said I love paper. I love receiving mail, even though most is junk, I love my monthly magazines and yes of course the convenience of having access to my calculator on my phone is wonderful considering that math is not my strong suit, there is something to be said about paper.

The world is getting smaller and smaller and technology has made it more convenient for people to stay connected. It’s much easier to text or send an email but don’t forget about the beautiful paper out there and the joy of sending a letter to say hello or thank you can bring to someone. I too have become a bit lazy with sending my birthday cards and my letters since joining the social media world but I am going to make a strong effort to pick it back up because if your like me it’s nice to get a little piece of mail every now and then and Riffle Paper Co. and Sugar Paper, LA know how to make beautiful paper!



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