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Hi there, I am back! Well my staycation from last week turned into a mini travel vacation so I will have to share with you all of the places and spaces I saw. Most of my time was spent outdoors and I could not have picked a better a week…the weather was amazing. With that said I may have gone a bit overboard with constantly applying the sunscreen to my ten month old son but better safe than sorry!

I started using products by The Honest Company when my son was four months. At the time I was looking for everyday household cleaning products that were safe to use around my baby. I love what The Honest Company stands for and they really do give me peace of mind knowing that I am using great quality and safe products for my little family. You should check out their line of sunscreens. My favorite one is the new sunscreen stick. Applying sunscreen to a ten month old baby at the beach can get a little messy…this product was a lifesaver for me last week and definitely worth a try!



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