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The Mamas have spoken! Back in June I blogged (beach baby) about my first beach trip with my son and how I wasn’t 100% prepared for that beach visit. I reached out to the incredible women in my life who have children of their own and although a few of them did tell me to forget about bringing a baby to the beach altogether because it will end in a disaster, I did take away some good advice. Here is my Beach Baby Check List. I am sure I am missing a bunch of things but I will start here. The picture of Landon above is from last weekend. I should also add to my list make sure your baby doesn’t eat rocks…we had a couple close calls!!

  1. Pack an extra bathing suit plus a change of clothes
  2. Baby Powder helps remove sand for those messy moments
  3. Opt for a big sports umbrella versus a baby tent
  4. Apply the sunscreen at home for less mess
  5. Go the beach early in the day or late afternoon to avoid the hot sun during the hours of 10-2
  6. Sit close to the water to keep a better eye on your little one while they play
  7. Keep a bucket of non-salt water close by in case of another messy moment
  8. Invest in a rolling beach caddy to hold all your gear
  9. Always make sure your little one is well hydrated
  10. Be sure to pack lots of beach toys
  11. Oh and one more thing, don’t forget a beach towel…they probaly won’t sit on it and play nice with the toys you brought for more than 5 minutes but it’s worth a try!


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