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It’s wild to think that a year has gone by since the birth of my son Landon. It has been such a special year for my husband and I filled with a lot of firsts. I will not go on and on about the crazy love that happens when you have a baby but let it be known it’s real and so amazing.

When I found out that I was pregnant I wanted to document my pregnancy through photography. This was a challenge considering I have zero photography skills (my photography class from high school and college certainly do not count) or a decent camera to shoot with. In addition to the monthly profile picture in the same place in my bedroom that I had my husband take to show my growing bump I decided to turn to a professional and what I found was an amazing woman with a huge amount of talent.

©2013 Alex Christine Photography |©2013 Alex Christine Photography |©2013 Alex Christine Photography |©2014 Alex Christine Photography |

all photos by alex-christine photographyNot only did Alex capture a wonderful moment in time during my pregnancy but I am grateful to also have beautiful images from when Landon was one week, six months and one year.

Side note…my husband and I have since purchased a camera but until I take a class on how to use the camera without using the auto button, my amateur pictures are here to stay or there is always Alex Christine Photography!


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